Saturday, March 27, 2004

Still Dancing

Yesterday I met with my medical oncologist, Dr Mark Seligman. Based on the MRI,
CT/Pet Scan, and examination he assigned the "Procrustean" diagnosis of Stage III Locally Advanced Breast Cancer. Tuesday I will be going to my surgical oncologist to have a biopsy. Wednesday I begin the first of eight cycles of chemotherapy three weeks apart, which will be followed by surgery.

Also on my Healing Team is Eliz my "Priestess of Angels" coordinating the folks that would like to be a part of this healing journey with me.

This last week I have been joyfully carried by the magnificent outpouring of prayers and love for my Friends, friends and family. I am filled with gratitude! This love is the heart of my healing - thank you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Dancing in the shower

I had the most wonderful image in the shower this morning around dancing. In many cultures shamans and magicians are thought to derive part of their power from the fact that they have seen their death, which makes them not afraid because they know their death. I have not seen my death but I know my "impermanence partner". Just because I have seen its face doesn't mean I have to stop dancing. I can dance for a long time looking full on the face of my partner and coming into right relationship.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Dancing With Impermanence

Today I received the results of a biopsy of a rash on my breast. I have inflammatory Breast Cancer. IBC is a fast moving, aggressive cancer. I am doing more testing this week to discover the extent of cancer. When I meet with my medical oncologist on Friday there should be enough information to make a treatment plan.

Although I am alternatively stunned, fearful, and sad, I see this as an opportunity to deepen my practice of taking refuge in my true nature (the God/Buddha within), in the Dharma (the truth all of us hold in our hearts) and my Sangha - my circles of beloved friends and relations.

I ask for your prayers for my family and myself as we set off on this roller coaster ride. Thank you for being in my life.