Wednesday, April 07, 2004

A Day of Healing

Dear Sweet Healing Community,

Another middle of the night missive of joy and gratitude!

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt I was glowing with the love of my community. All day the energy was building to the wonderful healing event of last night.

The day started with an acupuncture session, which did much to relieve my unpleasant bout with nausea and tiredness. I lay in a wonderfully darken room called the cave, warm from the blasting heater and carried on the wings of a huge bird with rainbow plumage, I let all the "garbage" pour out of me to the mother earth to be recycled.

I became aware throughout the day of how much like pregnancy this healing journey is for me with its morning sickness, tiredness, and surrender to forces greater than yourself, raging hormones, and uncertainty about the outcome. I "got the word" on March 22nd (Spring
Equinox) much like Mary and the "Feast of the Annunciation" of March 25th. (I imagine it was a kick in the stomach to her as well, an unwed observant teenager). Mary gave birth, with the help of her community, to a savior on December 25th, I will "give birth" to a cancer-free Dawn December 22nd (the winter solstice - or before). The timing of the medical intervention is indeed about nine months - six of chemo, the surgery around Samhain/Halloween, and than radiation.

The healing circle on the Labyrinth was fantastic! For me there were two distinct parts, the community part and the deeply personal part. The community part began with women, men, and children arriving greeting each with such tenderness and love followed by coming together in a circle formed by the joint efforts of Gillian and Eliz. As we all walked the Labyrinth, powerful poetry in motion, I came to sit in the middle where I experienced being a nuclear molecule with many elements circling around me each with their special charge, some were there physically and some quantum-ly in spirit.

The deeply personal part was sitting in the middle of the circle as each gave me their bead. I felt humble to be sitting with my begging hands receiving such magnificent precious offerings! They are many and varied as their givers: some very special to the giver such as Lynn's family coin from her grandfather, Galen; to a rare fossil from Susan; from whimsical toy like beads from Caroline and Lisa; to tear inducing medals from Gayle and Aimee; many blue water bead, red fire beads, shells, all thoughtful chosen and presented!

Gayle's St Winifred's metal purchased on our pilgrimage epitomizes the role of my healing community. St Winifred of Wales became a saint when she was beheaded by a jealous suitor in front of her family/community. The community smote the attacker who was consumed by the earth and than lovingly reattached her head with heartfelt prays resurrected her to go on to live into her 40's as an abbottess in the six hundreds.

I ramble on - thanks for listening. I look forward to hearing your tales of the day. Many people at the circle walked the Labyrinth for the first time last night.