Saturday, May 29, 2004

The tide comes in

It is the end of the third round of chemo. A very difficult round where I have been forced to acknowledge my role in blocking my health as well as promoting my healing. I abused my body by eating nothing else one entire day but a high sugar/fat desert! The impact on my immune system was drastic and hampered the recovery from the second round of chemo. I went into the third round at lower ebb. I caught a head cold from which I am still recovering! In five days I will again invite Pele fires to flow through my veins.

I am so aware of the need to encourage my immune system and general energy level to come up to it’s maximum level before June 3rd. I have changed my diet, eliminating sugar, adding many veggies and protein.

The image of ocean tides has been helpful during this stressful period. The tide of was very far out but it is coming in now. I ask you to help me vision the healing waters flowing back to me. Seeing a healthy immune system that can work with Pele. Thank you so much!