Sunday, August 01, 2004

Happy Lammas – Celebration of Harvest

Today is the first of the three harvest festivals. I am celebrating the fruits of many years of practice and all of your loving prayers. In the last month my thinking has shifted in three very significant ways: I know I am healing instead of praying for healing, I have all my life had the help I needed even in the midst of the most terrifying times, and most importantly I do not need to be ill to be loved.

The course in chemo will be done at the end of the month after two more rounds. The Taxotere has been easier with fewer side effects than the previous drugs thanks to the help of my acupuncturist. Than there will be more testing to confirm that the cancer is considerably smaller and may be gone entirely at the conclusion of the chemo. September will see the surgery, a mastectomy with some lymph nodes removed, followed by a six weeks course of radiation. I will still need your continued prayers and support through out the coming months.

At the mid-way point in this healing journey it is comforting to me to realize how much of my days I recognize the state of grace in which we all live our lives. I am still plagued with doubt but have constant reminders to trust the process and the love around me.