Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Finally - an end to treatment!

The long nine months of birthing/creating a dis-ease free body is finally ending. The poisoning, cutting and burning are completed! We are moving from eradication to preventing. It is time to thank my wonderful community for standing with me through out this hard year. You supported me when I faltered and cheered me on when I doubted. Without the love and caring of my community I probably would not be here today - Thank you!

The image of small damp, frail baby bird in a nest of community and love best describes my state. I feel new, vulnerable but healthy. Daily the energy flows more clearly. I am glad that it is the dark introspective time of the year so that I can spend some time integrating what I have experienced and learned.

My charge now is to be gentle with this new life, allow it to unfold in it's own time and way. There are still days when the fear, grief and anger well up but I am learning to hold those feelings with gentleness as well. I am not gifted with deep wells of gentleness or patience but the "water witching" of those wells in me may be the most lasting gift of the cancer.

May this season of rebirth find you well and happy and may my love surround you in the coming year!

Reposting of my Healing Emails

Today I am posting all of the emails which I sent to my healing community through the nine months of my cancer treatment.

It is my intent to continue to journal my healing journey in this blog