Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gifts of the Spirit

Blessings and gifts have been the warp in the fabric of my life these last two weeks. Every day has seen divine love shining through all the bits of actions that are contained in a day making sure that I have just the right people and places for every moment. These blessings have been wildly different from being in a beautiful garden with my beloved friend Gayle while relearning the lesson that high sugar content will make my body violently reject food to my brother coming over the mountain just in time to lay his hands of live long unconditional love on me during my first prayer healing session with my spiritual director, Peg.

The weave of the fabric has been the deepening awareness of the serious nature of my medical/physical situation. The news is mixed on the brain scan. The good news is there are no tumors in the brain. The bad news is there are small tumors in the skull bones and one larger one in my neck vertebrae. Dr. Seligman, my oncologist, spoke with the radiation folks and they think they can reduce that rib tumor without causing more trouble to my lungs. I have an appointment today to chat with them. My lower back has been hurting very badly not a new thing for me but I did an x-ray Tuesday to see if it is my old friend or my new friend. I am thinking radiation may get the pain under control. I have so enjoyed the past two days of the strong solar radiation we have been experiencing here in the Northwest!

The image of open cradling hands has been with me through out the cancer journey. This powerful image has returned to me again as a symbol for both giving and receiving. During these last weeks I have been honing the skill of asking my healers (all of you) the fill my hands with the gift you are so good at that you do not even recognize as your most blessed gift. It is different for each of you and you give it without even thinking. My gift now is to be the one to receive that love in open hands and to be the gentle catalyst for change.

Thank you for going on the pilgrimage with me.