Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quality of Live Number One

Getting serious about journaling (this month’s assignment from the book reading group of Steve Levine’s Year to Live book) means I am firing up the old blog with my cancer history. This seems the best place for all my thoughts on cancer, living and dying.

On Friday when I went for chemo, I discussed with my doc going back on steroids. I feel strongly that having the extra “push” of energy and help with nausea improves my quality of life more than the possible fact that I might be addicting myself to steroids even in low doses.

If I have just eleven months to live (until the “due date” set by our book reading group) than quality of life becomes my top priority in that time. I live with pain and nausea daily anything I can do to reduce those symptoms so I can write and create is my mission.

On Friday evening I took advantage of the “happy drugs” I get with my chemo to go to Quaker Quarterly Meeting on Mt Hood. This is part of living life as fully as I can daily. It was so good to see friends I have not seen in so old and listen to a very intriguing panel discussion of what it means to live a mystical life.